Our first Prime Minister of India Late. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji had visited Nashik City. Students of VSV sung a welcome song and Nehruji was mesmerized and complimented the choir and also added that VSV is already a success and has yet to see more of such in the upcoming years.
A performance was also presented when former President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil visited Nashik. To be true, it was one of the memorable performances of VSV.
One of the leaders of Maharashtra, Late Mr. Yashwantrao Chavhan visited Nashik and as a part of this, students of VSV presented a beautiful welcome song which resulted in a huge response.
The Art of Living hosted a historic symphony - Antarnaad - bringing over 2750 Indian classical vocalists together on one platform, to write a new chapter in the history of music. It has been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of people singing Vande Mataram, India's national song. Conceived by Sri Sri, the aim of Antarnaad was to showcase the vast repertoire of Hindustani classical music as well as to provide a platform for the exponents of this ancient Indian art. Stating that classical music and spirituality are among the most definitive and unique offerings India can make to the world, Sri Sri said, "Spirituality and music together can uplift people, get them out of depression and help them start a new life with enthusiasm. For a stress-free life, you have to embrace both these facets (spirituality and music)."
Musicians from across the country, celebrity singers like Shankar Mahadevan and renowned names like Pt Rajan &Sajan Misra were also part of this event. The singers enthralled a live audience of over 2 lakh people. The practice for the complete program for all the students in Nashik was done in VSV.
The day that can never be forgotten comes in mind and that day is of high importance. India was honored to have Dalai Lama. He also visited Nashik. The performance here was much heartfelt as peace revolved all around the stage and was felt by every individual.
Many programs were scheduled in the Ancient Ram Mandir located in Nasik (Panchavati) known as "The Kalaram Mandir" of all 2008, 2009 and 2015 were the biggest events. Each song sung by our Guru's 'Amruta Khaty and Prafullata Khaty' felt to be the blessings of lord RAM to the audience.
Amongst our teachers in VSV, Late Mrs.Suchitra Deshmukh was the one who not only studied Hindustani Classical Music but also taught Music to the students of VSV and she served her best to the institution as her gratitude to her Guru. We are thankful to her and all the other teachers of VSV for their contribution in making VSV a Success. It would have been very difficult without your support and participation.