At VSV, we're the most passionate music lovers you've ever met, and we're inspired every day by the chance to transfer on that knowledge to people just like you. That's why we put music on priority. So if you're a person who can't imagine music not being your part of life; who always invest around the music room after school; who stays up late to practice or explore Hindustani Classical Music or lite music; Who aspires to be players and performers; or who is totally interested with the magic and mystery of how music is created, manipulated, recorded and performed ... we're the music school for you.


Every day the basics of Music Alankar are revised so that the candidate is better acquainted with the notes (Swar). Also while revising the Alankars proper assistance of classical instruments is taken to cope up with the actual notes. Our traditional teaching- learning, practice, performance and recording spaces are the best in India. We're committed to help music professionals develop successful careers in the professional side of music industry - and that knowledgeable, ethical professionals are important part of the industry. We believe helping each other is the most valuable part of your time with us. It fastens your ability to work and play with other musicians, to build your network and open up a world of professional opportunities. And it helps you forge relationships with the people you'll be working with once you graduate. Step out from VSV and into the real world, and your professional network will already be fully formed. Apart from this here in VSV we the people and Staff of VSV totally focus on the basics of Hindustani Classical Music like Mool Alankar, Swar Alankar and Taal’s. Also one to one interaction is our main reason to develop history of Musical Stars.